WEEDMAPS fast and effective weed mapping

WEEDMAPS fast and effective weed mapping

WeedMaps measures the weed intensity and gives a precise overview at the field and farm level. Through the website, it is possible to get an overview of all photographed fields and sort by the average weed density. With this information, it is easy to prioritize the fields for chemical or mechanical treatments (e.g. in times of challenging weather conditions).

WeedMaps consists of a user-friendly app for smart phones or tablets. The app is connected to a robust WeedCam camera, which photographs the entire field while operating in a field, e.g. whilst fertilizing.

Data is continuously transferred online to the Næsgaard MARKKORT, where the pictures are processed, and a color coded weed map is created, illustrating the weed density.

Agromek Stars diplom
Nominated for Agromek Award

During Agromek 2016, Northern Europe’s largest agricultural fair, WeedMaps was awarded with 3 stars for Pioneering New Innovation in Europe and was nominated for an Agromek Award.

The product can be purchased from Datalogisk. The app is available on Play Store (under “MyWeedMaps”).

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