ROBOTTI LongRange is an autonomous implement carrier highly suited for precise and accurate plant establishment and plant nursing tasks in row and bed crops for both arable and horticultural production. 

Perfect for the modern farmer who has the need of a reliable and hardworking field worker, one who will drive day and night – without complains also weekends and night shift – with high capacity and efficiency. 

The autonomous performance by ROBOTTI includes autonomous end-to-end field coverages without the need of an in-field operator, while operations are also being documented autonomously with soil, plant and operational data stored in the cloud. 

ROBOTTI has years of experiences as an autonomous field worker and can solve operations on the farm in the field from early spring to late autumn; due to the low weight of ROBOTTI, enabling more available in-field operational hours. 

ROBOTTI can be monitored from the unique ROBOTTI control tower, from where field operations are also planned, and field documentation are available. ROBOTTI notifies the user through SMS of operational status and will text you when the operation is finished.