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    ROBOTTI is more than just a robot being able to treat of the field – it is the digital infrastructure enabling automatic data collection in the field, crop as well as technical data, that can support decision support and management systems. ROBOTTI is multi-purpose, which means it can do different types of field ope rations. It is a tool carrier, designed to embrace a large variety of well-known and well-proven implements. It is suited perfectly for precision plant nursing like seeding, weeding, ridging and spraying. The design of ROBOTTI also makes use of standard and well-understood components, making it robust and easily serviceable.

    ROBOTTI is already in operation at farms throughout Europe and around the world. With ROBOTTI, you can robotize certain processes in your field and achieve sig nificant benefits by doing so.

    For long duration: The new ROBOTTI LR is designed for long working hours, with low power consumption, and up to 60 hours before refueling. It has a high on-wheel torque, impro ved hydraulics and a lifting capacity of 1,2 tons. It is a cost-effective machine which is easy to integrate into your present-day practices in your fields, at horticulture sites, and nurseries or similar sites with crops in rows or bed systems.

    PRIMARY OPERATIONS: weeding, seeding, spraying
    SECONDARY OPERATIONS: ridging, etc. not requiring PTO

    Picture of ROBOTTI LR - Lift equipment
    Picture of ROBOTTI - Start/Stop