Good order entry towards end of 2021 for Agro Intelligence ApS

Good order entry towards end of 2021 for Agro Intelligence ApS

The purpose of Agro Intelligence is to make global food production more reliable, sustainable and profitable. The primary product from Agro Intelligence is it self-driving implement-carrier “ROBOTTI”. In the year 2021, multiple intensive and practical tests were carried out in the field by several farmers, and the functionality and robustness of ROBOTTI have reached a level of maturity that enables rollout to even more markets.

We have tested ROBOTTI with a number of different implements, and it has shown with great precision its justification within sowing, cleaning and spraying. ROBOTTI is typically used in vegetables such as carrots and onions, but it has also shown good results sowing, cleaning and fertilizing in seed grass, potatoes, beets, rapeseed and maize, among others. Savings in working hours and pesticide consumption make ROBOTTI a good investment for the farmer, 
says CEO Jens Brylle about the autonomous ROBOTTI

In the coming years, Agro Intelligence will continue to develop new services such as mapping weeds and crop growth, which will further improve ROBOTTI’s value for modern and sustainable agriculture. 

Agro Intelligence’s financial result in 2021 did not live up to expectations, primarily due to a number of write-downs and depreciation on previous projects. 

The year ended with a highly satisfactory order entry, and for 2022, Agro Intelligence expects further expansion of the distributor network and significantly increased sales to farmers. Robotti is currently carried by dealerships in 13 countries. 

The market potential for ROBOTTI is significant, and our investors are patient and ready to support Agro Intelligence financially during the build-up, concludes CEO Jens Brylle

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