ROBOTTI’s new equipment presented at SIMA Paris 2022

ROBOTTI’s new equipment presented at SIMA Paris 2022

Virtual Field Walk (VFW) CropEye has been shown to the public at the first day of SIMA Paris 2022. This two camera add-on provides farmers with a high-quality virtual overview of their fields. 

What is VFW CropEye? 

The CropEye camera system consists of two cameras mounted on the robot which collect images while ROBOTTI works in the field. In ROBOTTI’s portal, it is possible to “walk” through the field, clicking points on the map where the images were recorded to see the results. Thanks to their high quality, it is possible to get a very close look at the crop and even the tiny weeds. All images are geotagged and adding them to farm management systems will include their location.

Why VFW CropEye? 

With VFW CropEye the fields can be supervised without travelling. Individual plants, weeds and the general field condition can all be inspected from home. All this saves time, energy and money.

Thanks to the recorded images, advisers do not need to travel to inspect the fields, as the pictures can just be shared digitially. They can supervise the fields from the comfort of their office, ultimately reducing costs.

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Do you want to hear more? 

Visit us in week 45 at the fairs in France and Italy. The CropEye system is present at SIMA in Paris between the 6th and 10th of November (Hall 6, Stand E 057, by AgroIntelli) and at EIMA Bologna between the 9th and 13th of November (Hall 37, Stand B/26bis, by Spektra Agri Srl – Vantage Italia). You are always welcome to reach out directly to us.  

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