SqM Farm

SqM Farm

In the GUDP project, SqM-Farm, artificial intelligence and the newest sensor technologies will be used to acquired specific information at a square meter level on a given field. Throughout the growing season, farmers will be able to monitor on a daily basis the crop growth, nutrients, diseases, pest threats, etc.

The system will be demonstrated at Gyldensten Gods in north Fyn, where the project will take advantage of the possibilities of using drones for monitoring crops, and thereby demonstrating the imminent potentials of small ground or air-based drones for site-specific automatic crop monitoring of plant health and growth.

The purpose is to: 1. Help the farmer decide where, when and how often a given area is to be inspected. It will make it possible to develop the basis for a more detailed business plan for data collection systems; 2. Develop camera based sensors to determine crop growth, nutritional status, disease attack, weeds and pests in cereals and onions; 3. Continued development of affordable drone and robot systems for data collection in agriculture; 4. Develop a decision support system that translates the collected data to useful information for the farmer; 5. Demonstrate how the system will work on a modern farm with grains, onions and pumpkins. The project will enable practical use of robots, drones and satellites in the inspection of crops in a cost-effective manner for the farmer to improve the overall quality and yield.

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The project is financed by The Danish AgriFish Agency.

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