The purpose of the SOILCARE project is to protect and improve Europe’s arable soil. The project will identify, evaluate and develop soil-improving cropping systems for European crop production while reducing environmental impacts.

The benefits and drawbacks of the soil-improving cropping-systems will be evaluated, incorporating all relevant bio-physical, socio-economic and political aspects.

The ability to apply these soil-improving systems will be analyzed by up-scaling the results to a European level. In addition, the potential of soil-improving cropping-systems to increase profitability, sustainability and positive social impacts will be analyzed. Barriers to adoption at a large scale will be evaluated. 16 study sites across Europe covering different pedo-climatic and socio-economic conditions will be assessed. Implemented cropping systems will be monitored with stakeholder involvement, and will be assessed in cooperation with scientists. Specific attention will be paid to the adoption of these systems and agronomic techniques within and beyond the study sites.

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The project is financed by Horizon 2020.

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