OptiMek’s aim was to develop and demonstrate effective mechanical alternatives to current practices in weed control. The goal was to decrease the impact of weeds on plant growth and to increase yields in organic crops by 5-10%, ensuring the continued production of selected Danish crops, such as garden seeds and plant beets.

As a result of the project, a precision seeder was developed, which can sow the crop in a high capacity pattern. Moreover, a vision based module for weed control, which avoids damaging the crop was built. Four AGROINTELLI products, developed with support from the OptiMek project, have been commercialized at Agromek 2016; a weed mapping app, a row cleaner for mini-loaders, a 12 m lift-mounted weeder and seeder, and a seeding section for cover crops.

During the project, there were ongoing field demonstrations, presenting the optimal weed control in several types of crops with the use of the newest camera-controlled cultivators and other technologies.

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The project was funded by The Danish AgriFish Agency.

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