Precise distribution of nutrients has been a focus area in the crop production for the long time, and especially for the nutrients that are applied with a fertilizer spreader. In Denmark, a large proportion of the nutrients (nitrogen (N) approx. 40%, phosphorus (P) approx. 65% and potassium (K) approx. 45%.) is applied though animal slurry. This means that, in order for precision fertilization to have a commercial potential, it will be necessary to involve the slurry application.

Today the slurry application is prepared in the fertilization plan months/weeks before the actual application. This gives an indeterminable 1’year utilization, and a non-optimized logistic. The goal in this project is to develop and implement a decision support tool for the slurry wagon driver, that automatically ensures that the application of slurry is determined by the nutrient content and the optimal logistic in the field.

While showing the optimal route for the driver, the tool gathers information about the actual application and calculates the 1’year effect of slurry. This information, either automatically or by manual data transfer, can be accessed by the fertilizer spreader, whereby the farmer can make a final fertilization to an absolute desired level. Thus, reaching a whole new level of precision fertilization, where a number of effects such as increased economic yield, simpler logistics, reduced energy consumption, reduced N and P excess, etc. is reached.

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The project is financed by The Danish AgriFish Agency.

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