IWMPRAISE (Integrated Weed Management: PRActical Implementation and Solutions for Europe) project will demonstrate that the adoption of IWM supports more sustainable cropping systems both agronomically and environmentally, which are resilient to external impacts without jeopardizing profitability or the steady supply of food, feed and biomaterials.

IWMPRAISE aims to develop, test and assess management strategies delivered across whole cropping systems for four contrasting management scenarios representing typical crops in Europe. The specific objectives are to quantify and address current socio-economic and agronomic barriers to the uptake of IWM, develop and optimize novel alternative weed control methods and create a ‘tool box’ of validated IWM methods, design, demonstrate and assess the performance and environmental and economic sustainability of IWM strategies and make results available to end users.

IWMPRAISE combines activities centered around R&D by e.g. AGROINTELLI, providing the tools for developing IWM strategies with activities that adopt the “interaction innovation model” involving end users and other actors in a partnership with public research institutes and private SME’s adopting a truly multi-actor approach. IWMPRAISE combines innovation potential for novel and sustainable weed management methods with implementation potential and will therefore address and provide impact within all areas listed in the call.

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The project is financed by Innovation Fund Denmark.

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