The goal of the INTO-CPS (Integrated Tool chain for model-based design of Cyber Physical Systems) project was to reduce the development time and cost of physical prototypes by modeling and simulating the component systems (e.g. electrical, software, hydraulic, and mechanical). A tool chain was created, allowing powerful analysis of the complete cyber physical system / prototype.

Once the integration of the tool chain was completed and the models for simulation were built, requirements of the final product could be validated, verified, and traced throughout all of the component systems, providing a comprehensive analysis of the final product, before it is built.

The INTO-CPS project utilized 4 industrial case studies (automotive, agricultural, railways and building automation) to drive the production of the tools and methods  and to evaluate them. In the final stages of the project, INTO-CPS formed an Association to ensure that project results extend beyond the life of the project.

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The project is financed by Horizon 2020.

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