INTELLIPATHS in-field navigation app

INTELLIPATHS in-field navigation app

IntelliPaths is a simple app for smart-phones or tablets which optimizes the route in the field and gives driving instructions to the operator. In addition, the field work can be monitored via the website, where real-time driving efficiency and expected time of completion are displayed.

Different machine profiles can be setup with IntelliPaths (tractor and implement combined, including their specifications: working width, turning radius, etc.) and the specific field can either be accessed from a previous drive or created by driving around the headland of the field. The app is easy to use and can easily be adapted to other vehicles for a new field operation.

During Agromek 2016, Northern Europe’s largest agricultural fair, IntelliPaths was awarded with 3 stars for Pioneering New Innovation in Europe and won an Agromek Award.

Agromek Stars diplom
Nominated for Agromek Award
Winner of Agromek Award 2016

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