The Seeding

High precision seeding of pumpkins is essential for the ability to do the following weed control with a mechanical weeder. In this case a Monoseem NG pneumatic seeder was utilized.

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The Weeding

A high precision mechanical weeding is minimizing the need for spraying in pumpkins. In this case, a mechanical interrow weeder from Schmotzer was used to weed the field three times. The weeding was done at another field with a smaller robot, with a 200cm track width, with an operational speed of up to 5 km/h, and a capacity up to 1,2 ha/hour.

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Case Details

Crop: Pumpkin
Location: Denmark
Operations speed: Up to 5 km/h
Platform: ROBOTTI 150D, 300 cm track width for seeding and 200 cm track width for weeding
Capacity: Up to 1,2 ha/hour
Operations: Seeding


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