ROBOTTI keeps watch and takes care. Safety was given uncompromising attention throughout the development of ROBOTTI. It is CE marked and complies with the EU Directives and all relevant ISO standards. Several measures are used to achieve the top safety, such as:

If one of them is ever triggered, ROBOTTI stops and notifies you. When planning the operation and creating a field plan, you mark all known obstacles as fences, power poles, bushes, etc. In all other cases, no worries, ROBOTTI reacts quickly, stopping immediately if obstructed by people or animals. 



In what field conditions can ROBOTTI be used?

ROBOTTI is 4-wheel drive. The platform is able to navigate most types of field terrain, in all seasons. However there are exceptions: ROBOTTI cannot be used in extremely muddy or flooded fields.

Do I lease or buy ROBOTTI?

You can purchase ROBOTTI from one of our distributors in your region or buy it directly from us in Denmark.

How much fuel does ROBOTTI consume?

Much less than a conventional tractor: between only 3-6 litres per  hour depending on the soil and operation.

What farm equipment can I use with ROBOTTI?

ROBOTTI has a 3 point hitch as standard and can use implements up to 3 meters in width. ROBOTTI 150D also has a power take-off suitable for all standard PTO-driven implements.

Will ROBOTTI ‘run people over’?

No. ROBOTTI has several safety measures including a laser scanner, pressure sensitive bumper, virtual fencing, stop button on the remote controller, and 5 emergency stop buttons. The platform operates at a maximum of only 5 km/h. ROBOTTI is also CE marked and complies to all standards and demands of the EU Machinery Directive. So ROBOTTI is safe and legal to operate by day and at night.

Are there government schemes I can use to fund my purchase of ROBOTTI?

Yes, in many instances. The ROBOTTI distributors in your country will be able to advise you on relevant schemes and funding assistance.

How much does ROBOTTI weigh?

Approx. 3.000 kilograms.

What is the expected payback period of ROBOTTI?

This varies on a case by case basis. A typical business case sees a payback period of around 2 years.