RowCrop will develop the scientific foundation for improved control of aggressive annual and perennial weeds in a row-cropping system and for cultivating more productive nitrogen-fixing catch crops to enhance the nitrogen supply for main crops. It will develop, evaluate and demonstrate a new row-cropping that takes advantage of the latest developments in vision and GPS guided row-cultivation systems. This will be done through integrating traditional arable crops with row-cultivated legume-based catch crops and targeted weed control.


RowCrop will document the effects of the row-cropping system on productivity, weed infestation, leaching and soil carbon in a long-term crop rotation experiment. The experiment will represent different organic crop rotation systems and different fertility and weed infes-

tation levels. It will further demonstrate and disseminate results to advisors and farmers using field trials, open field days, workshops etc.


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The project is financed by The Danish AgriFish Agency.

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