ROBOTTI diesel autonomous implement carrier

Robotti is a modular autonomous implement carrier for field operations. It has the same capabilities as a smaller tractor but can complete the operations without a driver.


Robotti is suitable for operations with low draught force requirements, e. g., mechanical weed control in row crops like maize, beets, onions, cabbage or carrots


It is designed with a standard 3-point hitch allowing to mount most types of implements between the two wheel modules. Even though Robotti's weight is only 600 kg, its lift capacity reaches up to 750 kg. It has four-wheel drive, and its speed is up to 8 km/h. Furthermore, it can be steered and controlled using a smart phone or tablet.


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During Agromek 2016, Northern Europe's largest agricultural fair, Robotti was awarded with 3 stars for Pioneering New Innovation in Europe and won an Agromek Award.

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