CLOVERCAM - map your clover/grass ratio and optimize it

CloverCam is a new and innovative camera system that can optimize the clover/grass ratio detection in the clover grasslands. The camera, e.g. mounted on a mower, creates a precise distribution map of the clover/grass ratio as well as an automatic data transfer to an on-line database while driving in the field. The results can be loaded into a field management program and used to optimize the allocation of N to specific field spots, hence, improving soil conditions and the following clover-grass yields.


CloverCam creates the data that can be the base for optimizing the supply of N to the field (done for example in Mark-Online, by SEGES), and thus, optimizing the clover content based on the actual condition in the clover grassland.


The measurements can be used by farmers, who wish to increase the clover/grass yields as a higher clover ratio increases feed intake, cows’ performance, and improves milk nutrient content. The site-specific optimization of the clover/grass ratio improves both the operating costs and minimize negative environmental impacts. Hence, eco-socio-economic issues can be addressed by applying the CloverCam.

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